The Solution

Like You, We Live What We Do

One Fixed Concentrated Vision Dedicated to bringing the highest quality medical management software to the veterinary profession, InformaVet Inc. has only one product to which it has continued to direct all of its focus and energies since 1987. Its name: AlisVet ™ (Advanced Logical Iconic Software).

Raising the Bar on Medical Record Centricity Created by a veterinarian, with veterinarians, and for veterinarians, AlisVet veterinary medical software was born to drive efficiencies at every level of the veterinary profession. AlisVet places at your fingertip accurate and at-the-ready searches, an educational library, diagnoses, graded health cards, inventory, schedules, tasks, appointments, billing, and countless related steps inherent to the veterinary discipline, including the marketing of your practice.

Robust, Embedded, Independent Functionality AlisVet takes to task the flurry of day-to-day challenges, duties, and procedures faced by the veterinarian and staff and gives them calm, order, and time; and the vital capacity for enriched patient health care, ongoing client communication, and sustained profitability. With built-in electronic mail functionality, Smart lists, and ingeniously intuitive operation and response, everything AlisVet does it does right from the medical record, all of the time, in real time, and unobtrusively in the exam room. With AlisVet, your private patient data are also invasive resistant, backed-up, monitored, lock-tight secure, yet immediately accessible. Moreover, with AlisVet you remain in control of your own destiny, for AlisVet is non-Internet dependent.

Close Enough to Touch As fellow veterinarians with the studied and valued savvy to produce an exclusive and superior software solution for the veterinary profession, we continue to remain in a pivotal and enviable position to help veterinarians achieve the highest level of patient health care and interactive client communication possible. It’s a sense of touch that no other software can truly lay claim. AlisVet allows you to reach out and brings you as close to your patients and clients as you can possibly be, both figuratively and literally. To attain that level of proximity, you need the best solution working for you, and with you. In the world of veterinary medicine the record has shown that AlisVet provides the solution for the health of your patients, and the life of your practice; and it does it all while you practice. Count on AlisVet to deliver.


Howard Shweiger, BSc, DVM
CEO of Informavet Inc.