The Medical Record Will Take You Everywhere

Patient Focused

Smooth and Intuitive AlisVet’s Embedded Engram System (EES) is the software’s driving force, differentiator, and overriding advantage to the veterinary profession. While examining the patient, the system’s next-level technology links that inhabit the AlisVet medical records screen allows you to make simple navigations at any time during the examination without delay or interruption to your procedures. AlisVet works with you, seamlessly and intuitively; and allows you to focus on what matters: your patient.

Digital Client Education

Informative Imagery in Real Time With AlisVet it’s easy to set up linked images; you can mark them up and print them out. For example, you can create digital images of a lesion before and after a dental procedure, and quickly bring up the images to show your client in the exam room.

Susan Brown, DVM, Westchester, IL, says: “We love the SMART lists that help to jog our memories on the way to the differential diagnosis. We love the Library where we can store all kinds of information to be brought up in a split second to be printed out for the client. We love the ease with which we can do estimates right there while the client watches. We love the many ways you can link so many features to make it more and more customized for exactly what we need.”

Graded Health Cards

Already Thinking, Already Building AlisVet’s EES is constantly working for you in the background as you click to develop and build a given medical record. One of AlisVet’s creations is the graded patient health card. While other systems allow you to create a graded patient health card, the difference is that AlisVet does it for you automatically, silently in the background.

Doctor Recommendations

Automated Compliance for Health and Revenue Patient medical compliance including tracking compliance of the practice as a whole, has a myriad of implications that far surpass patient reminders. Not only is it critical for the ongoing healthcare of the patient, it, too, is crucial for the development of your veterinary practice. AlisVet allows you to automate compliance without the implementation of a manual step. Through AlisVet, patient recommendations from dental prophys to blood work can be tracked for compliance. Conservative estimates reveal that 10-20% of gross revenue can be recaptured by tracking and following up on recommended services.

Patient Health Plans (Estimates)

In Orbit Around the Medical Record The popular terminology: an estimate. To AlisVet, on behalf of a revered and honoured veterinary profession, we prefer to refer to this important client service as a Patient Health Plan; and for AlisVet, the medical record is the core driver to which everything else in the practice orbits. With AlisVet, creating, modifying, and converting general stored health plans simply calls for a few easy clicks, right from within the medical record.

Rob Butler, DVM, Guelph, ON, says: “I selected AlisVet because after reviewing all the leading software on the market, it was the only system that focused on the Medical Record as central to all other activity. After 3 years I have not been disappointed and it has been the best investment I have ever made.”

Problem-based Reminders

Smart Links All veterinary software on the market today can manage reminders, but AlisVet has ventured further. With AlisVet you can link reminders to problems and diagnosed diseases over and above simple procedures and medications.

Client Communication

Elevated. Enhanced. The driving factor behind improved client communication is to provide clients with the best possible patient health care, and the sustainability and growth of your veterinary practice. This is the philosophy at the foundation of AlisVet. AlisVet allows you to quickly and easily extract exactly what your clients want to know, when they want to know it. Call systems, reminder systems, report cards, educational tools, stored estimates, treatment lists, follow-up lists, lab results, and accurate and comprehensive medical history. Moreover, AlisVet provides you with a quick reference filter that identifies components within a given medical history, from medications to lab work, surgery, exams, vaccines, and more.

Daily Treatment Scheduling

Absolute Simplification The hospitalization of patients is common and frequent in the world of veterinary medicine and, for veterinarians, maintaining up-to-the-moment knowledge and awareness of the status of any number of patients can be demanding at any juncture. However, AlisVet simplifies daily treatments with its proprietary treatment scheduling system. All you have to do is to create a treatment day with medication doses and frequencies, and AlisVet automatically duplicates that day for the expected duration of the hospitalization period. With AlisVet, you’ll never miss treatments again. AlisVet time stamps every treatment and identifies the initials of the person who administered the treatment. Further, AlisVet provides a rapid entry system. All you have to do is check off the treatments that have been completed. AlisVet, too, gets down to basics. With AlisVet you can enter billable and non-billable codes that “flag” basic procedures that include “take for a walk” or “change the litter box”. Moreover, AlisVet works in conjunction with inventory management that allows you to make just-in-time management decisions and actions.

Cheryl Yuill, DVM, Kitchener, ON, says: “We have been using the AlisVet system since November of 2002 and are very happy with it. The AlisVet support team was able to seamlessly integrate our old computer database, which contained 11 years of medical records, into our new system, so that we can easily access all our patient medical records… The way the program has been designed, it is easy for a newcomer to use.”

Birthday Cards

Personal Touch Certainly, one of the most thoughtful and endearing ways of maintaining contact with your clients is to send a pet-patient birthday card. With AlisVet’s Push Email Technology, it’s easy to create and send a tailored birthday wish. Smiles can be had, and loyalty can be nurtured without spending additional time and money.


The Horizon is Limitless With Alisvet you can store a database of pet pictures. AlisVet also allows for complete mail merge into a choice series of reminder templates including vaccine certificates, report cards, and health care plans. AlisVet’s powerful proprietary image compression lets you keep adding to a robust AlisVet database without decreasing the performance of your systems, and without the need to add on peripheral back-up equipment.

Online Reminders

Everyday Templates at a Touch AlisVet continues to promote client communication, information, and top-of-mind interactivity. AlisVet’s Push Email Technology is fully integrated with word processing for the expeditious development of templates for your veterinary practice. AlisVet embodies five unique template-building reminder systems with the ability to produce templates that include annual reminders, repeating reminders, short-term reminders, appointment reminders, and appointment confirmations. Moreover, with AlisVet each reminder can be generated on a daily basis, bringing you ever closer to your patients and clients. In addition, AlisVet supports email invoicing, client education, vaccine certificates, patient history, referral information, and graded report cards.

Master Problem List Lookup

AlisVet Takes You by the Hand To the veterinarian, producing and having immediate access to a patient’s comprehensive medical record – the entire record that includes a detailed chronological history – is paramount. AlisVet gives you the power to create a master problem list easily and automatically. Testament to AlisVet’s user-friendly reputation, AlisVet creates the list for you, automatically. Whenever you click on a rule out or differential diagnosis in the AlisVet menu, its intuitive links turn your input into a recorded diagnosis.

Michael B. Norton, DVM, Dallas, TX, says: “Since AlisVet was written by, and is maintained by a veterinarian, it has many more features than I could possibly cover in a brief letter. However, I have used AlisVet at two A.A.H.A. Certified Hospitals for over 12 years and have been very pleased with it. I strongly recommend it to anyone considering computerization–most especially paperless records.”

Detailed Query Engine

Marketing Your Practice Has Never Been This Easy AlisVet can produce multi-step queries to help you with your marketing efforts. You may have heard that most of today’s veterinary software products can locate all animals who have received a rabies vaccine. While that is indeed helpful, AlisVet goes much further, and at top speed. For example, AlisVet can produce a query of all geriatric animals over the age of eight who have been hospitalized during the past 365 days that have not had a geriatric blood profile completed over a period of the last two years! This alone gives your practice a leg-up opportunity to develop a communiqué to a potential client – whether a customized email, post card, the development of a call list, and more to provide information about the importance of blood work for their beloved pets.

And Email Everything

Rapid and Uncompromised Online Communication You’ll find that with AlisVet you have email content for everything. And we don’t use the word figuratively. AlisVet does not engage any external third part company to provide its clients with online email service. AlisVet’s email capability is built-in and powered by a fully integrated word processor. AlisVet’s built-in email capability not only places you in a pivotal position to maintain contact with your clients in an instant, with Alisvet you maintain control of your exclusive data, thereby protecting and safeguarding the identity of your clients and patients.

With AlisVet:

  • You need not export information out to another program to generate email
  • Email can be created “on the fly” right from within the medical record itself
  • Email can be fully customized from within AlisVet simply by clicking on the email icon

Templates can be associated with specific functions from within, and generated by AlisVet built-in design templates for:

  • Referral mail
  • Appointment reminder email
  • Vaccine reminders
  • Appointment confirmations
  • Medical record history
  • Medication schedule reminders
  • Repeating reminders
  • Weight loss programs
  • Chemotherapy programs
  • And so much more

Choose. Click. Completed. With AlisVet multiple emails with different templates can be sent out to your clients with just a click. Easy to use, there is no prior familiarity or knowledge required by your staff to use AlisVet email. With a touch of a button, emails roll out automatically. Moreover, unlike other companies, with AlisVet there is NO FEE for this service.