The Full Monty

AlisVet expresses its gratitude to those of you who chose to write to us, and we are very pleased to share your thoughts with our new visitors.

Howard Shweiger



Dr. Julie Amey, DVM, owner
Bridge West Animal Hospital - Napanee, ON

I am loving AlisVet-- in 21 years as a veterinarian, including 15 years as a locum at many different clinics-- this is the best system I have ever used!



Dre Christine Parayre & Dre Isabelle Fortier, DVM, owners
Clinique Vétérinaire Vraiment Bête Inc. - Rosemère, QC

Dre Isabelle Fortier and I wanted to thank you very much for the excellent service that you offered us since the beginning of our business relationship. It is always a pleasure to discuss with you, you listen well to our comments and feedback, and we can see and feel that you really do care. As much as we do for our patients. Alis Vet software has helped us with everything we need in terms of software solution for the management and operations of our practice. Your service is quick, courteous, and you help us in French, a fact that we truly appreciate.

Many thanks for your software and services, we are looking forward a long and mutually beneficial relationship, and are happy of our software choices. We were well guided.

Have a great day, and our Best regards!



Dr. Lynn Willard, DVM, owner
Ruidoso Animal Clinic - Ruidoso, NM

My practice has been paperless since 1995. After my original veterinary company kept procrastinating on switching from DOS to Windows in the late nineties, I began 3 years of research into different software firms. I decided on AlisVet because of the ease of entry for the veterinarian (very few key strokes and a very complete medical record). AlisVet is by far the best I found in simplifying a SOAP for each patient seen, preventing dual entry and getting me out of the office by 5:30pm after seeing 35 patients and doing 2-5 surgeries. The invoice is completed as the medical record is completed. We use an assistant in the exam room to record our SOAP while the exam is being done. Surgery notes are all done from the library by assistants after surgery is completed with the doctors making any changes needed later during the day. All clients receive a report card after wellness exams and all surgeries receive customized take home instructions, also done by assistants...



Rob Butler, DVM, owner
Guelph Animal Hospital - Guelph, ON

After years of struggling with the duplicity and triplicity of activity involved in managing medical records, treatment sheets, laboratory reports and invoicing, between our computer system and written records, I was determined to go paperless. With 3 full time veterinarians and 4 technicians in a clinic open 7-days a week, we were constantly having difficulty keeping track of the medical records as they floated around the clinic.

I wanted a truly paperless system, with no treatment or travel sheets and where data only had to be entered once whether for case notes, treatments, invoicing, lab reports, etc.

I selected AlisVet because after reviewing all the leading software on the market, it was the only system that focused on the Medical Record as central to all other activity. After 3 years I have not been disappointed and it has been the best investment I have ever made.

I placed laptop computers in each of the 4 exam rooms, 3 desktops at reception, 1 desktop for each veterinarian (3 in total), 1 desktop in pharmacy, 1 desktop at the tech station and 1 in the treatment area.

The following is a list of features that I believe have been indispensable:

  1. Easy to use drop down lists to minimize typing.
  2. Library of commonly used medical notations - such as surgical procedures and go home instructions for clients.
  3. Fully computerized treatments - veterinarian sets up treatments, technicians just initialize when complete and the treatment is time stamped and automatically added to the medical record and invoice.
  4. An easy to use reminder system for blood or other laboratory work, vaccines, call backs, recheck appointments, pick up medications etc.
  5. The ability to place the medical record on the veterinarian's (virtual) desk for follow up, adding additional information or to alert that the lab or histology etc. results have been entered.
  6. Easy to manage repeat prescriptions tied in with reminders for repeat lab work.
  7. Seamless invoicing - once the medical record is complete AlisVet automatically grabs the billable items off the medical record and places them onto an invoice.
  8. Easy to manage Boarding Occupancy.
  9. Easy to use appointment book. Anyone can book appointments at any workstation.
  10. All the other common features offered by most of the leading software programs.

I would have to admit that when we first started discussing the project of going paperless with our staff, many of them had reservations, including the veterinarians. One day we were using written records and the next day we stopped, cold turkey, and went completely paperless. Everyone was pleasantly surprised at how quickly we all caught on to using AlisVet and how truly intuitive the system is to operate. It has also been a pleasure to work with a smaller company that has provided exceptional training and ongoing service. I would have to say that all of our staff love working with AlisVet and there is no doubt that it has improved our efficiency several fold.

For any veterinary clinic serious about going paperless, I would not hesitate to recommend AlisVet.



Paul Walker, DVM, owner
Mississauga Animal Hospital - Mississauga, ON

We are well into our third year with AlisVet. On behalf of our hospital, we want to thank you all at AlisVet.

There are very few days when myself or someone else doesn't proclaim aloud..."I love AlisVet "....and we should know...we know how bad a software program can be. No longer do we deal with error messages and freeze ups. ‎The AlisVet program is efficient, flexible,sturdy and reliable.

In addition the program is seamlessly connected to Vet Street.

Thanks to AlisVet we are more efficient and we provide better service to our clients and their pets.

Today I asked all my staff if there was something that AlisVet could do better to help us more. There was no answers..just complete satisfaction.
It has been a great investment

Thanks again!



Mike Norton, DVM,
TAMU ‘73

This is an unpaid letter of recommendation that I am writing because of my belief in the software, rather than for personal gain.

I have been using AlisVet paperless computer record system since 1992 and am very pleased with it. I was very nervous and skeptical the first 2 weeks and kept duplicate computer and original client records. As the confidence level increased, I quickly dropped the hard copy records so many of us are used to and have never looked back. The company made converting from records to paperless completely painless. I have never regretted my decision. In fact, I was able to drop one full time receptionist and regain the front desk space occupied by a massive Ancom 4 drawer filing cabinet. Now, when a record is needed, any staff member can access it by typing in any of several criteria. No records are lost or misfiled. I can search for all Cushing’s cases, or all pets that had radiographs, or all hepatopathy cases, or all owners in a particular zip. The search capabilities are powerful.

Although not a requirement of the program, I have a terminal in each exam room, one in the treatment area, one in our employee work area, and two at the front desk. Again, it isn’t required, but I use 1 front desk computer to check clients in, and a 2nd to check clients out—often occurring at the same time. During an exam, I am free to either type exam notes free-form using any format I choose, or I can use AlisVet’s extensive S.O.A.P. clickable exam shortcuts that pre-enter most of the usual notes. Unlike most software on the market, AlisVet’s notes can be pages long and do not have to conform with what will fit on one line. I can add groups of charges or individual charges without remembering codes. I can create an instant computer generated estimate for clients (complete with ranges for costs), or I can modify and convert a previously stored estimate to the client charges in a matter of seconds. This alone is a large practice builder that even clients appreciate. Clients feel that a terminal in the exam room is ‘state of the art’ and appreciate the technology. Receptionists love the built in appointment system in AlisVet and use it extensively. It has built-in inventory, control substance, radiology logs that make practice easier.

Since AlisVet was written by, and is maintained by a veterinarian, it has many more features than I could possibly cover in a brief letter. However, I have used AlisVet at two A.A.H.A. Certified Hospitals for over 12 years and have been very pleased with it. I strongly recommend it to anyone considering computerization–most especially paperless records.



Susan A. Brown, DVM,
Former Partner of Midwest Bird & Exotic Animal Hospital
Westchester, ILs

Our clinic is a large, strictly exotic animal hospital that was in dire need of going paperless back in 2002. We see over 1000 patients a month and the burden of paper records and all the housekeeping involved was becoming exhausting! We were at that time only using computers for some financial information and reminders. I researched the computer software options that were out there and also listened to what veterinary colleagues had to say. I settled on AlisVet because of the innovative approach of having a medical record driven system rather than having modules for each part of the work that needs to be done and then interconnecting them. Also, by being a smaller company I felt there would be a personal touch and direct contact with the programmer to be able to modify upcoming versions with the features we could use. Finally we are all Apple computer users and those of you who are fond of Apple know that there are a lot of programmers out there that aren’t fond of us and they tend to ignore our needs. AlisVet’s people were very comfortable working in either Apple or Windows format which gave me additional confidence.

Although we are a type of small animal practice, having an all exotic animal practice is VERY different. We do not have the advantage of vaccination protocols to get our patients in the door. If they do not come in for recommended health checks then a great number of cases are seen only for a specific problem and when that problem is resolved we never see them again. Therefore we generate a lot of new files weekly. We see on average many more sick animals per day and emergency cases then is usually seen in a dog and cat practice. And finally we have multiple species to deal with beyond just the two that are primarily seen in small animal practice.

All this difference called for some very special customization on the part of the AlisVet software. We were able to get most of this in place before going on line with the system in December of 2002. I got a huge amount of support from the folks at InformaVet to come up with innovative ways of customizing. Going on line the first time with medical records is never an easy matter and involves a lot of stress, but we got a lot of support to get us through those first weeks. The people at InformaVet have always been there to answer any of our staff’s questions when there was an issue that needed to be resolved.

We have now had the system for about 2 years and I think the most exciting thing I can say about it is the constant improvements that have come with each version. It is quite important, particularly for a unique practice such as ours that we be able to work with the programmer directly to make the changes that we needed to fit our special needs. InformaVet has always come through. They have put in innumerable special features that have only increased the value of our software and the efficiency by which we can practice. This is not only comforting but it is exciting because I don’t hear the words, “No it can’t be done” very often, but rather, “That is an interesting idea, let me see if I can make that work” and then in the next version the new feature or improvement is there.

AlisVet software has made our lives more efficient and more accurate with much better record keeping that can be read by all! It shows professionalism to our clients and to our staff. We love the SMART lists that help to jog our memories on the way to the differential diagnosis. We love the Library where we can store all kinds of information to be brought up in a split second to be printed out for the client. We love the ease with which we can do estimates right there while the client watches. We love the many ways you can link so many features to make it more and more customized for exactly what we need. Available financial data is also extremely detailed and can be adjusted for whatever your needs might be. The reminder system is customizable and easy to use. There are various levels of security on the system as well that you can implement to monitor access to financial data or files. The list goes on and on and on, this is only the tip of the iceberg! And upcoming features for early next year are even more exciting. We will be able to link our records to drawings, pictures and documents such as dental charts (beyond dog and cat), radiographs, surgical photos and consent forms. We will be able to draw on the charts and customize them for each patient.

All in all we have been very pleased with both the product and the support from the InformaVet group. They remain very committed to LISTENING and then putting into reality what their customers need. I would endorse the AlisVet software system heartily to any of my veterinary colleagues.

We sold our practice in October of 2004, and the new owners will continue with the innovations to come from InformaVet. For us, it has been a great experience.



Randall Herman, DVM, Former owner
New Hope Animal Hospital - New Hope, MN

Dear Howard,

I wanted to let you know how much we have appreciated your help in making the transition to paperless medical records. The reason I went with AlisVet is because it was one of the few systems that was built around medical records with all the financial tracking branching off from those records. The records have always been the primary focus but we still get the financial information we need.

We are a four veterinarian AAHA practice that has been in existence since 1975. We had well developed protocols in place to help us deal with the written record. I had many concerns about the transition to paperless. The staff, with proper training, has rapidly over the last year taken to the new system and we have slowly developed new protocols. We feel that we have only scratched the surface of the capability of AlisVet, and with time the program will become ever more powerful.

Through the end of July ’06 our gross revenues are up $50,000 over the previous accounting period last year. This is only a modest increase, but a number that we can live with, considering that many of my associates in the area have seen decreasing revenue and client numbers this past year. I feel that the reason for our increase is directly related to the powerful reminder and recall systems built into this very powerful program and we have not even started to utilize the compliance capabilities of AlisVet. Tracking charges is much more efficient than the use of the paper flow sheet we used to use.

I would also like to thank you for being extremely responsive to requests for change that we have made. I know it is impossible to please everyone but you have sure come close to meeting our expectations for change and service.

Thank you.


Rebecca Barton, VN
Practice Manager, Veterinary Nurse
Karrinyup Small Animal Hospital - Western Australia

We have been using the Alis Vet program since October 2008. Before buying this program, we looked at various different software programs and compared each one. Alis Vet was by far the front runner in the competition.

Once you know the software it becomes so quick and easy to maintain well written medical records. Our clinic loves the SOAP system for fast entry, as well as the comprehensive reminder systems. The medical compliance list is also a great tool to use so you can check your clients are keeping up with your recommendations. The telephone call reminder system has increased our rate at getting people to come back for revisits.

The quote system is another great feature. The main winner for us was the health card. We find this is an excellent tool for printing for clients as a take home reminder of their pet’s health and any recommendations. We often have people come back in with last year’s health card to compare the difference!

Alis Vet also has a very good treatment tool for animals that are kept in hospital, so each day is broken down into medical charges and treatment.

Overall we are very happy with our purchase of the Alis Vet system. It does seem to be the most comprehensive software on the market today.


Jon Hollingworth, DVM, Former owner
Billinudgel Ocean Shores Veterinary Hospital - Billinudgel, NSW Australia

I was a software developer in another life and wrote our practice software when DOS was king.

I decided I should make the thing GUI so trawled the world getting demo’s of all the software available to get ideas of look and feel of GUI system – I knew what I wanted to do and was just getting ideas on setup.

Had demo of Alis and it did all the things I wanted to do and was Veterinary, not accounting based, so bit the bullet and purchased it.

Even though is a system for the clinician, does all the necessary financial functions and has the versatility to pull off any reports you desire.

Does not crash and on the many occasions the power has shut off, kicks back up without a problem.

Data transferral was a breeze and went off without a hitch.

Support is excellent and even though we are in Australia, is available if needed.

I looked at all the supposed “Rolls Royce” systems and in my opinion, Alis is superior.


Wendy Nelson - Former Practice Manager
The Cat Clinic of Norman - Norman, OK

The ability to track reminders and generate callbacks helps to increase client compliance. Color coding for appointments makes it easy to glance at the schedule and see what types of appointments we have that day. The dose calculator attached to each medicine makes it easy to calculate an accurate dose in a timely manner.

The ability to store and customize estimates allows us to prepare them ahead of the appointment, saving valuable client and staff time in the exam room. Converting the estimate to an invoice further saves time.

It makes our practice run more efficiently and with better customer service to have the different tabs, particularly calls and follow up. Important phone calls and lab results can easily be followed through each day.